Our Parents


Visitors are welcome to our school.  Everyone must come to the office and check-in.  Upon leaving our building all visitors must return to the office and sign-out.

Daily Schedule and Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


Doors will be locked until 7:10 each day. No students are to be dropped off at school before 7:10. The cafeteria staff begins serving breakfast at 7:10 when the doors open. A bell will ring at 7:25 to let students know that they have 5 minutes to get to class and the tardy bell rings at 7:30. Students that are tardy must report to the office to sign in and pick up a tardy slip to give to their teacher.

Car Rider Drop-Off

Parents bringing students to school each morning for car rider drop-off must enter from the Island Ford Road entrance. Follow the arrows in the right hand lane only and drive around the semi-circle until you pull up to the Number 1 labeled on the sidewalk at the end of the awning beside the media center (there is to be no drop off at the front door). The supervisor(s) will monitor students as they exit the vehicles and walk into the school. Parents must stay in their vehicles while dropping off students in the car rider line. If walking your child into the school, you will need to park in the parking lot beside the media center. No child should walk from the parking area by themselves. This is for the safety of the children. Parents walking students into the building will need to use the crosswalk and enter through the media center. Parents must sign in after entering the media center and sign out when leaving. All parents walking students into the building must exit the school by the tardy bell. Our school day begins at 7:30. If you come to school after 7:30, you will need to enter through the office door. No parents are allowed down the halls after the tardy bell rings.

Bus Riders

Bus riders arrive between 7:05-7:10 and are dropped off at the cafeteria entrance. It is recommended for students to be at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Bus stop times may fluctuate some as not every child will ride every day.


Dismissal is 2:20 pm daily for car riders and bus riders. Students will need to have a consistent transportation dismissal method. Any changes to the normal dismissal method require a note or phone call from the parent. The school office must be notified by 1:45 to make a change in your child’s transportation for that day. No changes should need to be made after 1:45 unless it is an emergency. This policy is to ensure that all students are being sent home correctly by school personnel and to communicate the changes to all necessary individuals before dismissal. Notes with students for transportation changes are preferable as this is the best method for communication.